Proudly Introducing: Our Son, Niam Kenneth!

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I know it’s taken me forever to write this but you will not believe how busy we have been the first week and a half of little Niam’s life. My recovery this time around has been nothing short of hell. I am finally starting to feel a little back to normal and I think it’s time to at least briefly introduce our newest addition! I would write the birth story but I feel it is kind of traumatic and I do not want to discourage others or scare those who may be going to have a baby anytime soon, especially by C-Section. It will suffice to say Delivery did not go at all as planned, despite being a planned C-Section for breech. It was a VERY difficult delivery for everyone involved but especially me and the recovery has been at least twice as difficult as with my first son’s emergency C-Section. But I will say everything that went wrong probably had a reason behind it and in the end it doesn’t matter because I got my little guy out healthy and happy. Things happen but I know my birth experience isn’t the norm. In the end I don’t ever want to have another C-Section again but as it’s not possible for me to have kids any other way I most likely will not be having anymore children. I plan to reevaluate in 5 or so years but I’m pretty positive we are done, especially as we have yet to see what delays etc Niam may have. So far it looks like he’s healthy and doesn’t have any of the health problems his older brother has or had which is so good and so much more than I could’ve hoped for!

Now on to the good stuff!!!

Niam Kenneth was born nameless and soundless at 8.08 AM Tuesday the 13th of March, 2012 by repeat C-Section. He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 19 inches long. The first thing I heard about him was “It’s a boy and he’s peeing all over you!” Not something you want to hear when you’re opened up on the operating table but the Dr assures me they cleaned me up well. The second thing I heard was “Butt first!” The Dr in charge of my pain called the time at 8.07 but my OB said “No no, not yet, he’s stuck” They got him out with a lot of pushing, wiggling ,etc and what I heard next made me so glad I had gone with a C-Section. I knew there was a reason he had turned breach at the last moment… the doctor announced that his cord was wrapped, and not loosely, around his neck. He came out at 8.08 right before it turned 8.09. They took him to another room where they got him stable and then allowed Cody into the room with him. He came out beaming and holding our precious little boy.

Niam has been nothing but a joy and a blessing since the moment he came into our lives that morning. Nights have been rough but we’re getting through it and doing our best to cherish each and every moment as we know all too well from Kaiden, babies grow up just too fast! Soon we’ll have two big boys on our hands! Every day I thank G-d for allowing us to wake up and allowing us another day to parent both Kaiden and Niam. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and we don’t know what we would do without them, they are true joys and inspirations. Niam has been doing very well, he’s spit up exactly once since birth and has a huge appetite. He has his first check up wed the 28th and he lost his umbilical cord at 10 days old!




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