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Things I Love About Living With Family

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Family

Today I have been very depressed. I’ve struggled since finding out we were moving to Utah with feeling quite inadequate, and just down about living with and relying on family. I want to have our own space again, and get to spend more time alone as a little family. I never realized how much I took that for granted, that we had plenty of time together just the three of us. Now I treasure every little bit of that sort of time we get, especially since the baby coming in March means it will never be just the three of us again, whether it’s watching a movie while the rest of the family is in church with my sick toddler cuddled on my lap, or a trip into town to get free Chick-Fil-A, even a trip to walmart gets me excited because it’s time spent as a little family unit. Don’t get me wrong I love when hubby and I get to go out alone, and I love being around the family most of the time, but it’s hard being around them ALL the time. Not because they’re difficult people or anything (We all know I’m the difficult one to be around!), but because it’s not what I’m used to. I grew up mostly as an only child and was never allowed to have friends over so I have always had my own space and time to myself. But this evening I decided I have got to quit being so negative and focusing on how badly relying on the family for help makes me feel and the challenging parts of living with them and start focusing on the positive aspects and being grateful for all they have done for us and are doing for us right now!

So because I love lists, here is a list of things I’m grateful for and that I love about living with the family! (In no particular order!)

  • Learning new amazing recipes! Just the other day I was flipping through cook books with my mother-in-law when we came across a delicious looking potato recipe. I begged her to make it for us and went to get the ingredients. You have NO idea how delicious these potatoes were! They’re just beyond amazing. I never would’ve discovered that recipe and she probably wouldn’t have found it anytime soon either, so we both won, but I am SO excited about making it when we are out on our own again because I know it’s something my husband and I both love!
  • Kaiden having people to play with! He still needs to meet some kids his age but he LOVES building with his Lego duplos with Aunt Jenny, running around with Aunt Alina, playing in empty boxes with Aunt Shanna, etc! It’s nice not needing a ton of toys to occupy his time because he’s so into playing with them!
  • Having a place to stay. This is the thing I’m MOST grateful for! I really do not know what we would do without Cody’s parents. We would probably be literally homeless right now. I am VERY thankful to have a roof over our head!
  • A fenced in back yard. Yeah we had one before, and no we didn’t actually take it for granted (heck, we were paying $35 a month for it!) but we are so happy that we have one now! We could be living in a hotel, apartment, etc that doesn’t allow dogs or that doesn’t have a fenced in yard. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be for our dog and us!
  • Being able to keep our dog. Slytherin is the best puppy in the world. He will turn 1 on our anniversary, Feb. 16th. He is such a special puppy and he brings so much happiness and companionship to Cody, Kaiden and I. We really do love and cherish him, even though we get annoyed at him a lot! I do not know what we would’ve done if we had to give him up when we moved. He’s a great playmate for Kaiden and a good protector as well. Right now he’s sick and we are hoping and praying he gets better soon as well as taking him to the vet (which is really hard on us because the money is having to come out of savings, but it’s important he get taken care of!) so we are extra thankful to have him with us and that he is such an awesome puppy! We love him so much!
  • The playground. There is a city park just outside the fence in the back yard. There’s a big field with lots of room to run, jump, and play, as well as a little playground Kaiden adores. I try to take him every other day or so. It’s got stairs, a few different kind of slides, and some other stuff you can climb up. Nothing fancy, but I’m not complaining! He loves to climb up to the top of it and look over to the field full of cows next door and scream “Moo cows! Get on the ship! Mooooo!” at them. (From Phineas and Ferb!) I love seeing my baby so happy to climb and run and play! It’s very inspiring because when we left Oklahoma he still couldn’t pull himself up and climb at all. He still needs A LOT of help from me but he’s working so very hard and getting so much stronger, it’s very inspiring to watch!
  • We are all together! This one is huge. Our family could’ve been split by all that has happened. This really could’ve destroyed our marriage and our family unit but instead it’s brought us closer together and given us so much more to be grateful for. We are so happy that we are together in one place and that we still have one another. I cannot put into words how huge this is. Home is wherever I’m with my husband, son, and puppy love! Therefore I am home! ❤

There are a lot more but I don’t want to make this post TOO long! I am going to keep trying my hardest to focus on the positives. Right now not much is going on, Cody is still trying to find a job, I’m working at establishing my scentsy business here in Utah (which is hard because I don’t really know anyone and we hardly go out except job hunting or to the store) and Kaiden is just playing, learning, and growing! We’re in the process of applying for insurance aid so I can get some prenatal care, I haven’t had any since leaving Oklahoma almost three weeks ago. Other than that not much. Hopefully Cody finds a job soon. We greatly appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers, and all the encouraging words we have received. We really are so thankful that things are not worse, as we know they could be. We still really miss the Army and Cody is looking forward to trying to rejoin when his six months is up, but we do not miss Fort Sill! We are so grateful to be out of there! We’re slowly but surly adjusting with the help and patience of our family and friends to real life. It’s difficult but each day is a day closer to normalcy and getting through this all! I figure if we keep moving forward eventually we’ll get to wherever we need to be! One day we’ll have our own place to live again, with our own yard, and we’ll be a happy little family once again, just my husband, myself, our son, the new baby, and Slytherin the puppy. 🙂 Until then I’m going to enjoy every second of the journey,  be grateful for all that we have, especially the fact we are together still, look for ways to bless others, focus on the positive instead of the negative, and enjoy the perks and positives that come with being near supportive family!


Living, Learing, and Loving!

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Family

Where do I start? I used to have another blog all about our little family and the Army life we were living. Now my husband is no longer in the Army and I felt it was important to completely start fresh. With our lives, our blog, everything. So here I am. From Army Wife to Real Life! I never really considered myself an “Army Wife” as much as Cody’s wife alongside him on an incredible roller coaster journey they call Army Life. Well now I find myself in a small town in Utah, living with my in laws, raising my son, being married to my husband, and expecting a second baby in March! This has been and continues to be such a difficult experience for all of us. My husband is still looking for a job, I am now 29 weeks pregnant with no insurance and for the time being, no prenatal care, my son is having problems adjusting, and we went from a 3 bedroom, 1,024 sq. ft. house in the middle of a horrible town and horrible Army Post under horrible leadership, my husband under enormous amounts of stress, and very alone, to a basement bedroom for the three of us, our dog, and the new baby on the way in a beautiful, quiet, relaxing town in Utah surrounded by family we adore. This holiday season was the first we’ve been able to spend with family since we got married almost three short years ago. We are so very far from where we expected to be, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because this experience has taught and is teaching us so much and while we are busy living, learning, and loving, we’re rediscovering what matters most!

Things are very bleak but I am trying so hard to focus on the positives. We really are so blessed and we are so thankful for all those many blessings that continually come our way. We are so grateful that we have a place to live with family who love us, and most importantly, we are all together. Some people would wonder how we can be so optimistic when we don’t have our own place to stay, no jobs, etc. I ask how can we not? We have been given much. We have made it through so many trials, so many things I honestly thought we wouldn’t survive and we have not only survived, but learned so much, and we’re still here, still standing, together, a family undivided, still fighting because we have something worth fighting for.